Our Products & Services

With approximately two decades in the furniture and fittings manufacturing business, Intercasa has become one of the major custom-made furniture suppliers in the region. The company provides a wide scope of products and services, ranging from woodwork, joinery, and paneling, to interior design consultancy, to furniture and fittings production and installation.

Tailor-made Joinery, Paneling, Fittings & Fixtures

In addition to standalone furniture pieces,Intercasa is renowned for its built-in joinery,
paneling, fittings and fixtures works, adding convenience, flexibility and elegance to any
space. In addition, Intercasa offers standalone furniture pieces.
Under this division, our products and services include: the manufacturing and mounting
of doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and fittings, storage spaces, wardrobes, stairs,
staircases and handrails, in addition to wall fittings and paints, wooden fixtures and
partitions, gypsum boards and ceiling panels.
By customizing colors, materials, sizes and shapes, Intercasa ensures your private,
residential or commercial space is fully ready to welcome its tenants and guests.

Customized Furniture Manufacturing, Upholstery & Installation

Working closely with privates, interior designers, architects, contractors and construction
professionals, Intercasa designs, manufactures and installs premium-quality furnishings
for residential and commercial projects of all sizes and styles covering both classical cuts
and modern moods.
Whether it’s wood or steel, molding we offer uncompromising attention to details and
implement continuous quality-check processes to ensure that every piece of furniture
will exceed customer expectations. Intercasa also has its own upholstery division to
guarantee a premium feel to all its pieces with elaborate finishes ranging from florentine
carvings and marquetry to gilded bronze and 25-Carat gold plating.

Interior & Spatial Design Consultancy

Be it a residential or a commercial project, Intercasa provides its customers with
professional Interior Design Consultancy services prior to initiating the furniture
manufacturing process.
Styles and moods are thoroughly explored with each customer, depending on the project’s
requirements, to come up with a harmonious and custom-fit design of the highest quality
that accommodates every budge and lifestyle.

Qualified Experts

Intercasa employs a team of 500 experienced consultants, certified professionals, and
skilled workers, all available to fully answer your projects’ needs in accordance with the
highest international quality standards.
Team members pay regular visits to the projects’ sites in order to control the mounting
and installation process and verify that everything blends in smoothly, all the while
making instant on-ground rectifications if needed.
Intercasa’s employees are industry experts with robust multi-tasking skills.

State of-the-Art Machinery

Our factories are equipped with cutting-edge digital woodworking technologies including
large plasma laser machines and CNC operating machine.
We make sure to keep up with the latest technological breakthroughs to provide our
customers with products of international quality and standards. Operated by subjectmatter
experts, our machines deliver impeccable finishes and precision for optimal
customer satisfaction.