Intercasa is a leading name in the field of joinery, paneling and furniture production. Founded in 1994, the company started as a joinery division under the Batal Design umbrella to cater to custom-made requests. With time, Intercasa grew a solid customer base that drove the company to transform into a full-fledged furniture manufacturing business offering a comprehensive range of furniture and interior fitting services to residential and commercial projects alike. Soon, Intercasa was running two state of the art factories: a 20,000 sqm factory in Jadra, Lebanon and another 40,000 sqm factory in Riyadh, KSA to fulfill local and regional market needs. In addition, the company established a strong network of business partners across Asia to support its sales team in both Lebanon and KSA and to achieve a wider footprint covering the Gulf region, North Africa and South Asia. Today, Intercasa provides high-standard turnkey furnishing solutions, designing and manufacturing customized furniture and fittings to service a wide spectrum of private, residential and commercial projects. From hotels, office buildings, schools and hospitals to villas and all-size apartments, Intercasa has completed small to large projects with scopes that varied from fine furniture production to premium built-in joinery works and exquisite paneling and fittings. Through constant development, hard work and craftsmanship, the company continues to be the preferred turnkey furnishing solutions partner of high net worth privates and premium contorting professionals looking for unrivaled quality and timely delivery, every time.